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Executive Coaching

Through executive coaching, I help leaders grow and develop. I hold up the mirror, get them to pause, and question and confront with respect. As a result, clients develop deeper insight into their own behavior, mindset and patterns.


Leadership is often seen as a central point of a web, relating to many different stakeholders. Coaching helps leaders gain insight into their complex and dynamic context. The process of coaching results in an increased level of consciousness.

This in turn has a positive impact on their leadership effectiveness, and thus the long-term performance of their organization. 

Client feedback on the results of coaching includes

  • improved relationships

  • feeling more at ease in a (new) leadership role

  • improved decisiveness

  • increased executive presence and authenticity

  • effectively leading organizational transformation 

  • increased engagement within the organization

  • more work/life balance

  • insight into the next career step

Executive Coaching Applications

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Personal and performance development

Future leaders and high potentials

New positions and new hires

Organizational changes or transformation

Under-utilized talent/turnover risk

Succession planning


The Coaching Process

The Program

A complete executive coaching program consists on average of six to eight sessions, starting with a 360° feedback using the Leadership Circle 360°™ and a two-hour debrief of the results. The process can be supplemented with stakeholder interviews.


Coaching sessions can take place at the executive’s office location, the office of Rixt Kuiper in Hattem, or via video conference or telephone. Often there is a mixture of means and locations. 


For more information, contact Rixt Kuiper directly at:


M: +31 6 81711393


In order to take a free self-assessment and get a preview of the Leadership Circle 360°, scroll down to self-assessment: 


He who knows others is wise,

He who knows himself is enlightened.  

~ Laozi

The Leadership Circle

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