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With a career that started over 18 years ago in the USA, and continued in Hong Kong and Europe, Rixt is an experienced international executive coach and leadership consultant. She is a dedicated source of change, combining intellect, intuition and a down-to-earth approach to creating results that last. Rixt is passionate about elevating business performance through the conscious practice of leadership.


Rixt helps her clients with improved relationship building, decisiveness, authenticity, systems awareness, executive presence and leading complex change. She leads senior executives to a peaceful revolution fueled by values, ethics and soul, toward a future of meaning of themselves, their team and organization.  She firmly believes that this process of transformation starts within leaders themselves.

Rixt brings broad international experience from a diverse range of industries. She has worked with individuals from 30+ countries, consulting for several Fortune 500 companies, focusing on inclusion, innovation, leadership development and cultural transformation.

Core Values 

Growth and Development

All of my work centers around helping leaders develop and transform themselves, their teams, and their organization. Transformation is ignited from within. A coaching journey starts with a vision and every coaching conversation begins with a goal that involves a real challenge. The journey of growth and development might be bumpy, yet it always moves forward towards the vision the leader holds for him/herself. 

Healing by Truly Connecting

Integrity, vulnerability and courageous authenticity are part of the coaching journey. By connecting to what really matters, we can unite with ourselves and others.

This is the healing process of transformation - challenging at times, but always rewarding.

Attention and Awareness

Mindfulness brings present moment awareness to our attention. With this we shine a light on what is important. Mindfulness helps to register physical signals that give meaning and guide the direction of the conversation. Research shows that this form of attention is an important element in leadership development, both for the mindset (which is implicit and subtle), and for the behavior (which is explicit and measurable). 

Impact by Serving

The following three questions often arise during a coaching process; Who are you? What do you want? How can you serve?  Because at its essence, leadership is a calling to serve. For me personally, I want to serve by having a positive influence on the effectiveness of leaders and on the performance of their organization in the long term. I truly believe conscious leaders create better organizations and that these organizations build a better, sustainable world. 



With a sincere desire to only do work that makes a sustainable difference, Rixt brings enthusiasm, candor, and professional empathy along with evidenced informed coaching techniques, to uncover and challenge limiting beliefs and to stimulate fresh thinking, wholeness and new perspectives. Rixt seamlessly integrates mindfulness in her coaching, which brings intentional, non-judgmental awareness to the here-and-now. This new level of awareness helps clients deal with their complex reality in today’s dynamic business world. 


Rixt holds a MA in Human Development, with a specialisation in conscious leadership. In addition, she holds a Senior Coach credential from the NOBCO/EMCC, and a BSc in Speech Therapy. She is a qualified executive coach, personal-effectiveness and cross-cultural trainer and is certified in a variety of psychometric tools, including the MBTI® and The Leadership Circle Profile™. She received her certification in Rational Emotive Behavior Training (REBT) from the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI).  Rixt is also a published writer on mindful awareness and has developed a CD on stress relief in work-related situations that has ranked fifth on the Thema bestseller list.

She works in English and Dutch.


Rixt has her home and office in Hattem, a small medieval city in the Netherlands, where the IJssel River and the Veluwe National Forest meet. She lives with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, silence, jogging in nature, playing the piano and reading.

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